GitFinder. Finally.

A fast and lightweight Git client for Mac with Finder integration.

Download beta for macOS 10.11.5+

Check your files' Git status directly in Finder, using descriptive icon badges.

Perform all Git operations from customizable toolbar and context menus.

Rich repository browser

View local and remote branches, tags and submodules, execute various git operations, change settings and much more.

All from a feature-rich repository browser window.

Quick diffs

Show diffs of files selected in Finder in a separate diff window.

File history

See the complete history of commits for each file.

Merge conflicts

Easily choose one version of a conflicted file or merge both versions using a merge tool of your choice.

Simple blames

Show blames of files selected in Finder in a separate blame window.

And more

GitFinder is a fully-featured Git client.

create and clone repos

stage, unstage

see diffs, commit, amend

checkout, cherry-pick, revert

merge, rebase

manage local + remote branches and tags

create and delete
 remote repos

stashes and submodules

Download beta for macOS 10.11.5+